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Looking for some inspiration on your journey towards sobriety?

Looking for some inspiration on your journey towards sobriety? This month I want to acknowledge some people that have inspired me in my sobriety journey in the belief that listening to other people's stories is a great way of getting inspiration in the early days of an alcohol free life.

Firstly, #janeyleegrace, who trained me as a Sobriety Coach and who continues her fantastic work through the Apart from being a great tutor, Janey stresses the importance of being authentic and she talks about this with Paul Briley on his podcast offthecomma.

I would recommend that you have a listen to this episode as Janey tells her story with the openness and authenticity people seem to acquire once they have removed alcohol from their lives.

Whilst you are at it you might want to dip into Pauls rich repository of podcasts as he explores with a range of people, not just those who have chosen sobriety, how they got stuck in their life and how they moved on (got off the comma).

Oh, and if you wanted to listen to my story of getting stuck, and how I moved off the comma, have a listen to Episode 10 and see the follow up chat with Paul on his Youtube channel

I hope that these people inspire you in the same way they did for me.