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Music that resonates: What songs help you to navigate your sobriety? | SoberSixty

Peter Gabriel 1/0 tour | SoberSixty

So what tracks resonate with you as you travel on your Sober Journey?

I was lucky enough to see Peter Gabriel perform at the O2 this week as he and the band showcased the tracks from the upcoming i/o album. A great night out and he can still entertain a varied aged crowd, not just those who hark back to his days with Genesis, which have never really been my thing.

I have been a big Peter Gabriel fan since the release of SO, and although he is not going to be everyone's cup of tea I have found so many of his lyrics have spoken to me over the years. And this year Solsbury Hill became even more important to me.

So what is Solsbury Hill about?

The song is attributed to his thoughts as he broke up from Genesis and pursued a solo career in the early eighties. If you read the lyrics  you can interpret some of his 'poetic' words in this context. But for me they resonate with my decision to become Alcohol Free over 3 years ago.

Play the track once you have read the words and see if you get this..

What does it mean to me in my Sober journey?

That time before I stopped drinking alcohol

Verse One - That time, before I made the decision to give booze the elbow, when I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do about it but I was curious enough to listen to (or read) everything I could about what life might be like without alcohol.

What would my friends and family say?

Verse Two - The inner turmoil that I went through when I considered what my 'friends' might say, 'which connection I should cut'

And after I had made the decision

Verse Three - (and OK it does get a bit PG here) This verse reminds me of the time once I made the decision to rid myself of this poison, (the Pink Cloud time when it all seems a bit weird), but being Alcohol Free put the biggest smile back into my life

And finally the last line

"Hey", I said, "you can keep my things, they've come to take me home"

Which to me confirmed that the friends that 'would think I was a nut' had nothing I wanted and I was going home to become the person I was meant to be.

So what about you? What tracks do it for you?

So what other lyrics speak to you? This is on my daily playlist at the end of my gym session and just reminds me how fortunate I am to have kicked this 50 year habit.

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