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Rediscover Yourself: Is Alcohol Holding You Back? | Sober Sixty

Rediscover Yourself: Is Alcohol Holding You Back? | Sober Sixty

Alcohol – it's a companion to many, a social lubricant and sometimes, a way of coping with the harsh realities of life. For decades, it's been a staple in celebrations, gatherings, and even solitary nights. But what if this constant companion is actually holding you back? What if there's a more authentic version of you waiting beyond the bottle? Let's explore this together.

The Role of Alcohol in Our Lives

Societal norms often paint alcohol as a necessary part of adult life. After all, it's there during holidays, in friendly gatherings, at the end of a long day. For many, like me, Tony, the founder of SoberSixty, alcohol has been a constant companion. I started drinking in my teens, and like many men of my age, it was simply the 'done thing'.

Over the years, regular consumption became a norm. My 40 years in the professional services sector were accompanied by this constant companion. But as 2020 approached, with the fear of impending lockdown and my upcoming retirement, I found myself questioning my relationship with my 'evil friend'.

The Impact of Alcohol on Personal Growth and finding the Real You

I was far from hitting 'rock bottom' – a common misconception about who needs to consider sobriety. Like many, I felt my drinking was just 'what people do'. However, I started to realise that alcohol was becoming a hindrance, a roadblock in my path towards personal growth and rediscovering the real me.

Physiologically, alcohol can cause various health issues, hangovers being the least of them, that restrict our ability to engage in new activities or rediscovering interests from our past. Beyond that, it can strain relationships, affect productivity, and even limit our perception of what life could offer beyond the confines of a glass.

Discovering the Authentic You

Embracing sobriety is an adventure in itself – a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and unlimited possibilities. Since breaking free from alcohol in January 2020, I’ve discovered an entirely different side of life. The benefits of sobriety are numerous: improved health, stronger relationships, increased productivity, and a newfound ability to pursue truly fulfilling adventures.

Stories like mine aren't rare. Many individuals have embarked on this journey of sobriety, and they've discovered their own unique adventures in their alcohol-free lives.

Is Alcohol Holding You Back?

Ask yourself: Does alcohol play a significant role in my life? Am I using it as a crutch to cope with life or a means of escape? Do I feel like I'm missing out on the full potential of my life due to my relationship with alcohol?

In 2019, I could see no easy way of giving up something that had been part of my life for more than 40 years. But what I found in 2020 was that with the right support, it's relatively easy to change the habits of a lifetime.

So is Alcohol Stopping You from being the 'Real You'?

Reflect on your relationship with alcohol. Could it be preventing you from rediscovering your authentic self or even taking on new challenges. It's never too late to make a change. It wasn't too late for me, and it won't be for you.

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Can a Sober Coach Help?

If you feel that alcohol is holding you back, reach out. There's no shame in seeking help. I retrained as a Sober Coach to support 'grey area drinkers', a term defined in a TEDx talk by Jolene Park. Today, I am proud to be part of a movement that educates and supports people who have made the decision to change their relationship with alcohol. You can watch the talk here.

If you have already made up your mind to change your relationship with alcohol, or you are just 'sober curious' I can work with you to develop a programme of support that works for you. Every journey will be different, and my Navigate Your Journey programme is just that, different because you are.

Why not book a free no obligation Discovery Call with me here,