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Will a Sober Coach work for me? | SoberSixty

Will a Sober Coach work for me? | SoberSixty In this post, Tony Worsdall, Founder of SoberSixty and an accredited Sober Coach, sets out why Sober Coaching works for many people when they have tried other ways of embracing a sober lifestyle.


I am often asked the question, 'Does sober coaching work?' by clients who are considering working with SoberSixty. In my experience, the most important factor is can we work together, and that’s why I will always recommend a free discovery call as a starting point.

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Getting the personal chemistry right is vital. After all, if you are considering working with a sober coach it's likely that you are going to be sharing some personal information and experiences and you will need to feel comfortable with this.

But why does Sober Coaching Work?

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The efficacy of sober coaching can vary depending on the individual and the coach, but there are several reasons why many find it beneficial:

Accountability: Having someone to report to can deter individuals from relapsing. Knowing that someone will ask about their day or their temptations can be a strong motivating factor to stay sober

Personalised Support: Unlike group settings where the conversation can be broad, a sober coach provides one-on-one support, tailored to the individual's unique needs and challenges

Experience: Many sober coaches are individuals who have attained sobriety themselves. This lived experience can provide a deeper understanding and empathy, which can foster trust and openness. In my case, I have been sober for over 3 years and can relate to the challenges faced on this journey

Availability: Many sober coaches are available for support around the clock, offering assistance during times of crisis or vulnerability.

Bridge to Other Resources: A sober coach can connect individuals to other valuable resources, including therapists, support groups, and other community-based services that can support their sober journey

Continued Progress Monitoring: Tracking successes, even small ones, can be a significant source of motivation. By celebrating milestones and analysing setbacks, individuals can continually refine their recovery strategies.

Structure: For many on a sober journey, a sense of routine and structure can be immensely helpful. Sober coaches can help establish this framework, assisting clients in organising their days in ways that support sobriety.


So will working with a Sober Coach work for me?

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If you are worried about the effect that alcohol is having on your health, (maybe your blood pressure is high), your work (are you giving your best at work?) or your relationships (are your loved ones getting the best of you?) then working with a sober coach may work for you.

My personal experience suggests that if you have tried to moderate, or joined a campaign such as Dry January, you will have already identified the risks of continuing to drink alcohol and have experienced some of the challenges and joy of an alcohol free life.

Taking the next steps, and working with a Sober Coach is what Sam and Phil did, read their stories here


What are you waiting for?

Take control of your relationship with alcohol and work with me on your journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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