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Phil, Newcastle, UK

About 7.30pm every night I’d start getting the same thoughts about having a few beers. I’d negotiate with myself for about an hour then give in, buying the
beers and putting a film on. I’d wake up the next day, beat myself up whilst
getting dressed for work, then rinse and repeat. I’d had several attempts on my
own to stop drinking, which normally lasted for around 3 months. These breaks
were fine, however, I’d feel like I was drifting along with no purpose and I’d
always end up back on the beer in the same pattern.
 After a lot of research into sober websites and resources, I  signed up with
SoberSixty. Tony has a natural ability to put people at ease, he was open and
honest about his own journey into sobriety, which gave me a lot of confidence
when starting my journey. Tony listened very carefully to what I had to say and
what I wanted to achieve. He gave me a proactive plan of new daily habits to
focus on and we talked about how the plan fitted into my life every 2 weeks.
Also, talking about my bad drinking habits with Tony enabled me to gain a new
perspective on why I was doing it. These two elements were key to my success.
To anyone thinking about taking Tony’s course.  I can’t recommend it
enough. It was amazing.