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Sam, London, UK

I am in my 60's and have had, I suspect, a fairly typical journey in my relationship with alcohol. I started young, drank regularly in connection with work (it was expected after all) but came eventually to the realisation that it had become a deeply ingrained habit which was causing more harm than good. I never considered myself an alcoholic but post my professional career I was drinking most nights (never during the day) and waking up in a "fog".

Given it was such a deeply ingrained habit built over a 45 year period, and several well intentioned but futile attempts to deal with it, I came across Tony on the internet. The "SoberSixty" phrase resonated. I thought I would give it a go - the worst that could happen was that I wouldn't get on with Tony and I could walk away following the initial conversation. Over the next weeks we spoke about the motivation to stop, coping mechanisms, reading material that could help etc. I immediately felt comfortable in talking to Tony and sharing my experiences with alcohol. He gave me a framework to work with. His style is to gently and skillfully guide but let you come naturally to your own conclusions. There is no judgment, just a sense of constructive support. He also shares openly about his own journey and relationship - I found that a powerful support.

I would strongly encourage anyone to arrange that initial call. I stopped drinking the week of my first call and haven't drunk since then. It has definitely been worth the investment."